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C. G. Bethel High School of North Miami Dade

Using 21st century technology and a focus on individualized learning, we offer students the opportunity to become college and career ready, and to earn their state-recognized high school diploma, in non-traditional school environment.

We can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at (786) 629-7053.

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Alejandro Madrigal, the Principal of C. G. Bethel High School of North Miami Dade, can be contacted at (786) 629-7053.


Diploma Types / Graduation Requirements

The Graduation Requirements for a standard diploma in Florida can be found in Florida Statute Sections 1003.4282 and Section 1002.3105. C. G. Bethel High offers both the 24-credit and the 18-credit ACCEL option. More information can be found at the FLDOE website.

Student Handbook

C. G. High School promotes personal integrity with an emphasis on the lifelong learning process. There are rules and standards required with our Student Handbook.
C. G. Bethel High Student / Parent Handbook

Accounting | Finance

We maintain a copy of our most recent audited financials and approved budget online. Please find the most recent Approved Budget. Please find the most recent Audited Financials.